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Dummies on Billboards: Good Advertising or a Bad Idea?

Dummies on Billboards: Good Advertising or a Bad Idea? Dummies on Billboards: Good Advertising or a Bad Idea? FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark.- "They stand out," says Yvonne Marvel who has passed the billboard dummies on the road. "It caught my attention for sure," says Angela Bishop, a driver. There's no question about it, they certainly attract attention and according to advertising expert Wayne Cox, that's exactly what they're meant to do. "You have a very short time span with a billboard and what you want to do is catch their eye," says Cox, who works with Dan Fife Communications and Marketing. Cox says the mannequins that you see on billboards sprinkled throughout Central Arkansas have been there for years.  Advertisers want you to notice the person sitting atop the sign. "One thing we do is we try to change the clothing out to match the season," says Cox. A tactic some say fooled them into thinking it was a real person. "I thought it was crazy teens crawled up there on top of the billboards," says Marvel. Some people become so concerned they even call 9-11.  Faulkner County says they get calls about once a week from people thinking there is a person on top of a billboard.

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